ATTENTION: St. Louis Professionals And Small Business Owners

Would you like to have QUALITY MARKETING that is targeted to your St. Louis consumers?

Does This Describe You?

Do you feel your marketing isn’t reaching your target audience?

Do you feel your marketing isn’t getting your business the return it needs?

Are you frustrated that your marketing hasn’t contributed to the growth of your business?

Do you feel frustrated with your marketing results?

Are you worried that your marketing isn’t working during COVID-19?

Are you wondering if there are better ways to use your marketing dollars for your business?

If so, we have the answer for you! Connecting St. Louis™!

Local marketing has evolved a lot over recent years. And since COVID-19, things have evolved even more in these unprecedented times. For businesses conducting St. Louis marketing, you have likely had to adapt... but have you adapted enough? Your audience has changed their habits and your marketing needs to adapt and change for them.

We know what you’re thinking, how is Connecting St. Louis any different than those “other” companies that promise to help you with your St. Louis marketing needs. Good question…

Here are just a few of the things that set us apart:

We know the St. Louis marketing - what works and what does not work

We offer an affordable and powerful marketing alternative starting as low as $97 per month

We offer a unique marketing platform built using 100s local St. Louis websites

We focus on helping limited opportunities for select local businesses and professionals

We offer coaching and resources on local marketing for our members

We are users of our own system. We know it works because we use it and we are always looking for ways to make it better!

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