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I founded Connecting St Louis™ to be the premier local search marketing network for businesses, professionals and contractors in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. I use it for MORE Realtors and it helps drive more traffic and closable leads to my site than ANY other source.

John Williams
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Connecting St Louis™ Is Not Another Online Marketing Membership Website

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Connecting St Louis™

  • Community of like-minded, referral and networking focussed individuals.
  • Platform to teach about Marketing and Networking topics and techniques from the local perspective.
  • Ads on exclusive, premium domain websites through our advertising network.
  • Listings on key sites geared towards your business.
  • Links for referrals that shows your ad alongside who you are referring business to to ensure you stay top of mind.
  • Access to ever-growing whitepapers, guides and other downloadable materials.

Other Membership Websites

  • Broad, Non-Localized Topics With Stale Outdated Information
  • Large, Impersonal Groups
  • Limited-To-No Networking Opportunities
  • No Added Benefits Besides The Information Provided
  • No Potential Tangible Return On Investment


We're your go-to source for all thing that connect St. Louisans. From art to entertainment, restaurants to roofers, kennels to chiopractors, we have the tools to help your business grow and compete in the crowded St. Louis market.

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Joining our network costs as little as $197.00 a month (with no long-term contract).