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What is Connecting St. Louis™?

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Who Should Join

If you answer YES to any of the following...

  • Does most of your business come in through referrals (or are you in a referral-dependent industry)?
  • Are you constantly being asked for recommendations by your customers for other local companies (and would like to benefit from giving that referral as well)?
  • Are you looking to network with other local, referral-centric business owners?
  • Do you want to diversify your marketing strategy?

Then Connecting St. Louis™ can help you!

Connecting St. Louis™  provides you a unique and effective way to market, advertise, and promote your products and services to consumers in the  greater St. Louis metro area.

Targeted Advertising Listings on Niche Focused Sites

Targeted Advertising on our unique St. Louis advertising network of premium domain Niche Focused websites.

Link  and Push Marketing  Tools

Links for referrals that shows your ad alongside who you are referring business to helping ensure you stay top of mind.

Sponsored Content Promotion

Ability to sponsor content articles on one of more websites that we create (or that you provide).   A great way to promote your products and services!

Connecting St. Louis™  provides you local marketing training, networking tools, and B2B referral opportunities.

Local Community Networking

Community of like-minded, referral and networking-focused individuals.

Member-Only Content & Training

Platform to teach about marketing and networking topics and techniques from the local perspective.

Premium Domain Rentals

Access to ever-growing whitepapers, guides, videos, courses and more!

I founded Connecting St Louis™ to be the premier local search marketing network for businesses, professionals and contractors in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. I use it for MORE Realtors and it helps drive traffic and closable leads to our company's main site.  This targeted traffic means MORE Sales!

- John Williams (MORE Realtors)

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