About Us

Connecting St. Louis™ is part of Information St. Louis, Inc. Information St. Louis, Inc. was founded by John Williams, a local St. Louis real estate professional. John has been recognized as a top real estate agent in the St. Louis metropolitan area. He has been listed in the St. Louis Business Journal’s list of top-selling residential agents. He was one of the first real estate professionals to use multiple websites in his marketing efforts. He was recognized nationally as one of the most successful online rainmakers because his sites generated many inquiries.

With the success of his online real estate marketing strategies, combined with his prior training in information systems and computer programming, John launched Information St. Louis. John and his wife, Stacey, began researching the St. Louis region, visiting the rich heritage of the area, documenting the history and current events, taking photos, and building articles to connect this patchwork of communities that we call St. Louis. As John developed the platform, Stacey was researching and “connecting the dots” of what makes St. Louis unique.

John and Stacey were joined by Dennis Norman, who brings his years of experience as a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Like John, Dennis has a background in real estate investing, home building, residential brokerage, and home lending. Dennis is a prolific social media user with experience in a number of social media platforms.

Today the “Connecting St. Louis™” network blankets the greater St. Louis metropolitan area with hundreds of targeted information websites providing information on hundreds of topics. Thousands of website visitors cross the network each month looking for news and information on St. Louis.

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