Who Should Join

If you answer YES to the following...

  • Does most of your business come in through referrals (or are you in a referral-dependent industry)?
  • Are you constantly being asked for recommendations by your customers for other local companies (and would like to benefit from giving that referral as well)?
  • Are you looking to network with other local, referral-centric business owners?
  • Do you want to diversify your marketing strategy?

Then Connecting St. Louis can help you!

Examples of Who We Help

1) Dennis – A Realtor

Dennis lives and breathes new real estate leads. But he feels like he has tapped out his current pipeline. Facebook and other advertising platforms are constantly changing the rules, especially in the highly regulated field of real estate and at this point, Dennis feels like it isn’t a good long term bet. He wants to find new ways to generate leads, especially through referrals from other local businesspeople and outside of the mainstream pipelines.

2) Bob – A Local HVAC Company

Bob and his team at ABC Heating & Cooling focus on one thing: Keeping you and your family at a comfortable temperature despite St. Louis’ crazy weather. What Bob doesn’t do is everything else it takes to make your home feel like a home or bring it back up to livable standards when things go wrong. HOWEVER, Bob gets asked a lot about if he knows of anyone who can fix a leaky pipe or help with a new coat of paint. Bob could benefit from a network of individuals he could refer people to while getting credit for the referral.

3) Susan – An Insurance Agent

Susan is an independent insurance agent located in XYZ County. She mainly operates in a small number of zips codes because it’s where she lives. She wants to focus on serving the community she lives in, not the greater region. Susan mainly gets business through referrals from friends but would benefit from a larger referral network. She also wouldn’t mind referring people who are looking for insurance in other communities to a trusted fellow insurance member in the network since she is seeing referrals from others coming into her business.

Specific Industries We Help:

Real Estate
Home Warranty

Law Firms
Title Companies

Cleaning Services

Curious if Connecting St. Louis™ could help your business? Find out more about our Membership!